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Think of this post the next time I feel like mocking Quebec.

This probably only applies to those Canadians who read this thing. For everyone else, there’s google–or just ask a Canadian.

Remember all those jokes–half of them probably not quite joking–about the way folks over in that other province not far from here like to drive? And by drive, I mean everyone else insane? I used to think those jokes were largely, well, just jokes. Yes, even having been to and through Quebec on more than one occasion. And then, I saw this.

Ontario Provincial Police say the foursome was spotted by officers on foot patrol at around 3 p.m. on Friday along the main stretch of Lake Huron’s Wasaga
Beach, about 130 kilometres north of Toronto.

Officers say the group was observed smoking marijuana on the beach; a subsequent search uncovered more of the drug, police alleged on Sunday.

The four people, all from Quebec, were charged with possession of a controlled substance and later released from custody pending an appearance in a Collingwood,
Ont., court.

Huronia West OPP said the group’s rough weekend didn’t end there.

A highway patrol officer stopped a vehicle leaving the area while travelling 104 kilometres an hour in a posted 50 km/h zone.

Provincial police impounded the vehicle for seven days and charged the driver with stunt driving.

I have at least one Royal Canadian Air Farse skit rolling around the back of my head right now. If I can find it, it will be added to this post. For right now, though, I got nothin’. Only in Quebec.

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