Just when you thought all the Weiner jokes were getting kind of old.

Remember this guy? Yeah, that one. US Congressman Anthony Weiner (I can’t even type that with a straight face). After being caught showing his off on Twitter, he’s been under some pressure to get help, probably resulting in some kind of medication, and give up his position–something he’s not overly inclined to do, really. I should probably leave this well enough alone, really–I mean, the guy’s already been horribly mocked, and that’s just on the blogs I follow. Well enough should be left alone, right? Except, er, um, wrong.

New lewd photos emerged of U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner on Sunday as Democratic party leaders renewed calls for him to resign over an Internet sex scandal that prompted him to seek a leave and treatment.

Bring on the next round of Weiner jokes. No, seriously. Now, it’s open season.

Edit: I fail at HTML. But what else is new?

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