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Them there iPads gots minds of their own, don’t y’know.

Oh, those whacky Italian politicians. Always getting caught in all those compromising positions. And never actually willingly being party to it. Take Italian politician Simeone Di Cagno Abbrescia, who just so happened to be using his iPad to review his material for the day, and these pictures of scantily clad women from a local escort service with some pretty otherworldly prices just, well, randomly appeared.

The Telegraph reports that Abbrescia didn’t deny the images on his iPad were, indeed, images of ladies who were scantily clad. The paper also reports that he didn’t deny that the ladies who were scantily clad were scantily clad on an escort site. Indeed, the magazine Oggi helpfully identified two of the ladies as Dollyy [sic] and Daisy, and mentioned consultation fees of 400 euros per hour, or the bargain price of 2,500 euros for a weekend.

Abbrescia, however, would like people to understand that he in no way premeditated his viewing of Daisy, or for that matter, of Dollyy. He reportedly said he simply had difficulty getting used to his iPad.

The Telegraph quoted Abbrescia as he outlined some of the horns of his dilemma:

“Normally I use my iPad to keep myself informed and to read the news agencies,” Abbrescia said. “But one can end up lingering over these sorts of, let’s say, pornographic images, which once in a while appear. It was just curiosity, I’ve never used the services of escort girls.”

Yep. Poor politician caught in compromising position. And all because of wicked evil technology making these, let’s say, pornographic images once in a while appear. I tell ya, that Steve Jobs is one evil bastard making these things do all that. It wouldn’t have anything to do with him possibly taking a queue or two from his party leader, now. Nope. It’s all the iPad’s fault. They’ve got minds of their own. Yeah, just stick with that line, Simeone. That’ll help ya.


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