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In honour of my upcoming trip to the US, my tribute to Starbucks.

On my multiple trips south of the border, one thing almost always hits me. You guys down there love your Starbucks nearly as much as, if not more than, we up here love our Tim Hortons. I’ve yet to actually figure out why, specificly. Well, okay, beyond the fact that in the late fall/early winter their gingerbread and pumpkin lattes are freaking amazing. But seriously, aside from that, what draws people in nearly insane masses to the store? Is it the $5 for a large coffee? Is it they have their own, fancy shmancy words for things like, y’know, large? Is it that if you ask really, really nicely and they like the way you’ve thrown yourself together that day, you can help yourself to a tiny little pastry thinggy to go along with your $5 other word for large coffee? Genuinely curious minds would love to know. Well, either way you slice it, for whatever questionable or not reason, yall are madly adicted to Starbucks. In honour of that, and in honour of the fact the entire month of February will be spent in the land of $5 other word for large coffee, I’ve dug up this other word for short tribute to $5 coffee. Enjoy. And please, if you can spare some time for that other place what’s trying to move in on Starbucks’s territory down there–no, I don’t mean Dunkin Doughnuts, throw a dollar or two in that direction. Your wallet–and the unfortunate Starbucks newbie standing behind you–will thank you, for vastly different reasons. And so will I.

My Starbucks tribute.


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