I thought that was what we called coffee?

Okay, I’ll admit it–not that it’s a secret or anything. Not much of a Starbucks person. They have two drinks I like enough to justify going there regularly, both are seasonal, and neither are available now. So I almost never actually go there. Still, the impression I get from both knowing people who practically live there and the few times I’ve gone there is… well… isn’t the whole energy drink thing what their coffee’s supposed to be? Apparently, I know not of what I speak.

Starbucks is giving customers new ways to perk up: a line of energy drinks called Starbucks Baya Energy and a bunch of fresh flavours in the grocery aisle.

Baya will be available for purchase at stores and online starting this week, and will go on sale at U.S. Starbucks stores on March 1. The drink comes in three flavors: mango guava, raspberry lime and pineapple passionfruit. Each 12-ounce can has 90 calories and 160 mg of caffeine. It has a suggested retail price of US$2.89.

I mean, okay, now I’m educated. Their flavour ideas could use some–or rather a lot of–work, but that’s largely Starbucks (see also why I have all of two drinks there I actually like). But still, given how much caffeine I swear is in their coffee… isn’t *that* their energy drink? At least, it worked for me–have one of those before a 10-hour work shift and don’t sleep the next day is apparently a thing. … But I suppose people who don’t drink coffee exist too. Weird.

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  1. I’m one of those weird coffee hating people. I like the smell of brewing coffee, but keep it away from my tasting hole. I don’t really care for energy drinks, either. They either make me sleepy or far too jittery. I’ll stick to tea or hot chocolate, thanks.

  2. I mean you are weird, but not for hating coffee. With you on the energy drinks, though, but for a different reason–most of them taste rather like someone maybe should have sobered up before he started mixing.

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