It just keeps getting better for David. Or, not.

Remember David Abitbol? Sure you do. He’s the nutbar from Quebec who’s currently the proud owner of 2010’s nutter of the year award, after insisting he required several firearms and several more rounds of ammunition because he was being stalked by elves. Yeah, you remember him now. Apparently, he’s not just loony crazy–he’s apparently also loony disturbing. Now, on top of his various gun related offenses–and probably the recommendation of extensive psychiatric care, he’s also being charged with producing porn.

Crown prosecutor Steeve Lariviere said investigators probing Abitbol’s computer found evidence that warranted the additional charges.

“The police officers discovered new evidence that permits us to believe that the accused, between January 2010 and until his arrest, produced material that can be considered child pornography,” Lariviere said.

No, sir, I don’t think they’ll be letting you near a computer any time soon. But hey, you probably don’t need one where you’re going.

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