New legal defense: “The elves are coming!”.

And they gave this guy firearms? Really?

A Montreal man who was arrested on several charges, including charges related to child porn and uttering death threats on Facebook, along with a few firearms related charges, was bailed out on $25000, posted by his father. David Abitbol says he bought the guns because he believed himself to be stalked by elves–according to him, they’re everywhere. He’s since been banned from owning or using guns, or using any means of electronic communications device. He should have been banned from existing outside of jail, but hey, that’s our criminal justice system for ya. What really throws my head for a spin is, clearly, this guy’s nuttier than a chocolate bar. Hell, he’s admitted that. And they’re still allowing him to move about freely–with restrictions in place that, really if he actually wanted to, he could probably very easily bypass (hello, public computer terminals). Wonder how safe that Montreal neighbourhood feels right about now. On the up side, he gets points for a creative legal defense–it worked well enough, obviously, to get him bail. Props to you, nutty buddy. Now just stay over there. Good crazy.

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