Taking being pissed off at the media to a whole new level.

I’m not exactly world’s biggest Sarah or Bristol Palin fan, but I don’t think I’d consider going quite this far. Upset at the fact Bristol Palin advanced to the finals of “Dancing With The Stars”, a Wisconsin man took matters into his own hands, and promptly put his TV out of his misery. Apparently, Bristol wasn’t exactly a very good dancer–she’s been getting consistently low scores, but because of the popularity of her mother, the public voted her through anyway. Instead of voting for Brandy, who apparently actually *could* dance. Ah, but I keep forgetting. The way things are shaping up politically if it’s got a trace of Sarah anywhere near it, it automatically classifies as godlike. Yeah, that must be it. Suddenly, I’m having a little trouble blaming this guy after all.

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