This email is either very creative, or very moronic. … Or both.

Leave it to a spammer to be sort of halfway to clever. And all the way to just plain, er, dumb.

From: MR.JOHN []
Sent: Sun 03/10/2010 11:32 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

I have a very good information to pass over to you contact me as soon as possible with the information below:

Waiting for your swift response.



I’m trying to decide if people actually fall for emails like this. I’m also trying to decide if people actually expect it. But I think most of all I’m trying not to bust a gut laughing. I’ve seen a lot of random spam–comments, emails, mentions on Twitter, IMs, you name it. This is probably the most obvious of all of them. Sadly, I’m reminded almost constantly of what I’m way too used to saying to other people–they wouldn’t pull crap like this if some poor sap didn’t respond. In which case, I really and seriously do pity the fool.

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