The near death of the frankenputer.

Almost ironically, on perhaps the spookiest day of the year, the computer here at the parents’ place has decided to be on life support. After about half an hour of poking around with its software workings, I’ve come to one of two theories on just how borked the system actually is. Either the thing’s video card has died, or Windows forgot it had one. In either event, I get to turn the cell phone, in all its questionable reception glory, into a poor man’s netbook. Nifty, in an oh crap kind of way. I’ll go into more detail why I’m here once I have access to a proper keyboard, but for the next week, I get to either fix or kill the frankenputer. Hey, at least if HTML didn’t break, you’ll still see hockey posts. And whatever amuses me. Now, to go see if I can’t bring the frankenputer back from the dead.

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