I wonder if she’ll ask the CBC to pull this article?

It’s a standard practice, at least up here in the great white north, that the winner(s) of a provincial or federal lottery have some pretty basic info belonging to them attached to a lottery advertisement after they’ve won–usually their name, city of residense and a photo or something. The daughter of a robbery victim who recently won the lottery is blaming that advertising for the fact she was robbed, even though she’s admitted it’s very likely the victim knew her attackers, seeing as they demanded she hand over a very specific bracelet belonging to her as well as money. She’s since asked Loto-Quebec to stop including the victim’s info in their announcements/advertisements. Which prompted the linked article, which in turn includes everything the advertisement had except, presumedly, the victim’s photo–not being able to see the screen makes it kind of difficult to confirm that assumption. If her solution to her mother’s being robbed was to demand Loto-Quebec pull the advertisement(s) that included her information, will the daughter then ask the same of CBC? Inquiring minds want to know.

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