Another kid learns the hard way why *not* to call 911.

Neither the father nor son in this family dispute were identified. Nor do they need to be–it’s just as oopsish without that. A 10-year-old boy does pretty much what any 10-year-old boy would, and decides he doesn’t approve of the soup his father gave him for supper. For his troubles, the father escentially said eat what’s put in front of him. The kid’s answer? call the cops. Well, damn. When we were kids we only thought to get pissy and eventually end up in our rooms until we decided hey, maybe supper wasn’t so craptacular after all. Needless to say, he was appropriately informed–by dad and cop alike, even–that this is not, in fact, a reason to have the cops show up at your front door. And hey, would you look at that. This even went on in the same state as XBox kid from earlier this year. I’m thinking we need a state-wide education program on this stuff, y/n?

Thanks to Jessica for firing this story at my mailbox yesterday, actually. I was wondering if the January story was the exception to the rule.

  1. If he really didn’t like the stuff he could have just boycotted it and told dad that he wouldn’t eat it because it was Muslim soup.

    Hey, it works for idiotic Conservative bloggers, so why not a 10-year-old kid?

    1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Now, again, why didn’t we think of this crap when *we* were 10?

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