Happy father’s day.

Whatever your plans are today, try and at least take a moment to call up your father figure and see how they’re doing. And, hey, if you’re so inclined, throw a little good fortune his way–he’s probably done something to deserve it. The family’s getting together for breakfast later this morning as part of the whole father’s day thing, since he won’t be around for most of the day. Beyond that, it’ll just be business as usual–which is exactly the way he likes it. Whatever it is you’re planning, enjoy it. And have a drink for me.

You’ll note I said “father figure” as opposed to anything else. There are people out there–I used to know a few–who don’t actually acknowledge their bio father as their father figure. For that, they turn to someone else–a stepfather, an uncle, a family friend, a teacher–any number of people. They’re just as important to those who consider them a father figure as any father could be. This is as much their day as it is every other dad out there, and it should be no less important. If you look at him like a father, this is his day. Enjoy it. And make sure he does, too. He’ll thank you for it. Happy father’s day.

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