Happy pitcher catcher day!

I’ve given up on hockey this year. I gave up on baseball last year, but only because I didn’t exactly have the ability to watch it. That changed nearly a week after we moved into this house–I still need to rantblog about that one. So now, I get to take note of the important occasions leading up to the important occasion. Like… Today is the start of training camp if you’re a pitcher, or a pitcher’s catcher. And, like the Bluejays actually may do something besides fall apart right around, let’s say, July 15–and this time it’s not just the folks what get paid to say that saying that, so I’m slightly more inclined to buy it. I’m not holding out for a world series win this year–I’m a fan, not a fanatic. But good god damn if I won’t be ordering pizza and slamming back at least one vodrumoke on opening day. And for at least the month of March and what’s left of February, that’s about all that matters. So, happy pitcher catcher day, those of you cellebrating. And I swear if we blow one more starter before the actual start of the season, somebody somewhere’s fired.

PS: I also happen to be an admittedly sometimes Braves fan. Hey–they’ve seen playoff action more recently and more often than my Jays. Plus they were a staple of TVS for an age, when there was such a thing as TVS and when TVS used to be decent. Now, I follow them in headlines only. But hey, it could also double as an excuse to blow money on an MLB online streaming package. If in 6 months I kick myself for saying that, somebody somewhere has the right to slap me. Anyway. I was gonna go do something. Oh, right–start the official baseball countdown. Going, going, going, there she goes!

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  1. Braves fan? Damn! you think you know a guy…and then wammo! Your whole world gets turned upside down.

    And I think what you’re looking for is TBS as in Turner Broadcasting System, not TVS.

    But happy glorious kinda sorta beginning of baseball season to you and yours, good sir! And if you want that streaming package, Gameday Audio is totally worth the money, as is the At Bat app, which includes audio. And if all you want are Jays games on the radio through your tv, Rogers has you covered on channel 904 if you’ve got their digital cable. And since you’re in Ottawa, I hear 1310 will be picking up the Fan Radio Network this year. You may have already known that and perhaps even written it down, but hey, for the benefit of others and all that.

    • I stand corrected. I also blame the fact ya never could really make out what they were calling it half the time.

      1310 is indeed picking up the Fan network this year, which if you’re of the Rogers persuasion is also on 914 so I’m covered twice. It was actually you and I what went back and forth about the thing on Twitter a few days ago. I meant to put that up here somewhere and then promptly forgot to do so–so thanks for that. Less work for me.

      Yeah, the Braves were a thing I picked up shortly after running like hell away from the Ross. I think it may or may not have had something to do with the fact the Jays loved their radio only games that year and I was too far away from the GTA to pick up the Fan. That was also back when the only people who really listened to the Fan were people in and around the GTA. Actually if I’m remembering right I think the Fan radio network was just a baby back then. So, on days when I couldn’t get the Jays but still wanted me some baseball, it was Atlanta’s turn. It was either that or Montreal. ‘Nuff said.

      • I had TBS drilled into my head thanks to my life long wrestling fandom. Wrestling was one of the things that helped put that station on the map in a major way. I watched so many tapes of stuff from TBS before we had cable that it was the first thing I looked for when I visited a person with cable/a dish, and when we moved to a place where cable was a thing. Was so pissed when I figured out it wasn’t in our package. That was back in the days before digital, when you needed that giant box to get movies and super stations. TBS fell under the category of super station.

        • That may or may not have had something to do with the fact they actually used to call themselves the super station, if we’re being honest about it all.

          • I’m trying to remember if they were the only one of the 4 that did. they’re the only one I specifically remember calling themselves the Super Station. Fine way to get rogers to include you I guess, though I bet most people working there had no idea what Rogers was.

            Side note, want to see if I have this right. the stations that were supposed to be super were TBS, WGN, WSBK and KTLA. Can somebody tell me if I’m remembering that correctly?

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