Work life balance? Not really.

And in this week’s justice kerfuffle, Sault Ste. Marie is the place, a nondescript courtroom is the setting, and 10 suspects in a drug trafficking charge are the lucky winners. An undercover cop from out of town couldn’t make the first day of the trial on account of a minor little detail we like to call a wedding. The Crown–district attorney, for you US types–tried to push it back for that reason. Instead, the judge tossed it. Yep, you read it here first, folks. According to our justice system, you have no personal life. No, not even if the personal life was planned first. Yeah, you just shove that wedding back a day or two and get your ass into court like right now. Wonder if someone should maybe send this judge a memo–sorry, not even in criminal-friendly Ontario does it work that way, but thanks for playing.

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  1. Wow… dunno how they appoint judges over there, but I hope he gets his ass fired. Or does this type of crap happen all the time up there? (frowns)

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