It’s not a trial, it’s a mockery.

Unfortunately, the blame for making it that way lies on both sides of the issue, and starts off with the chief judge getting pissy and tossing Hussein out of the courtroom. Of course, he did ask to leave, after pretty much saying the justice system was out to get him–well, duh. Of course, why they hold the trial in Iraq anyway is way the hell beyond me. You probably aren’t going to find anyone there who’s not biased either for, or against, Hussein or anything he did. Plus it’s still being supervised by the US so it may as well be in the US.
Well, at least this judge is starting to do what Hussein asks… I wonder if that means he’ll have his other request granted. Probably not, but quacks like that *are* why I think people should be shot. And he’d make a fine public example.

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