More nephew pictures, as threatened.

My family has entirely too much fun on a long weekend. Particularly on a May two-four weekend. It was no different this year. Food, alcohol, music, awesome weather, and time spent in the back yard with an 8-month-old future quarterback or something. My parents put up a swing of sorts for him this summer, so they could have an excuse to keep him outside on days when it’s not overly boiling–personally, I think mom just did it for the purpose of pictures like this one. I approve. Just a-swingin'.

As I hinted at in this post, perhaps aspiring to be just like your 8-month-old grandson may not be the best thing you could possibly do. As promised, the explanation, and the visual evidence. Dad’s looking at taking a course for the operation of heavy equipment, so he can get out of his current–well, now former–job, and into construction or something similar that gives him a little more free time to get things done that he actually needs to do. Mom made some comment about him being able to possibly make foreman shortly after getting this course and such out of the way. The nephew had himself situated on the floor, playing with a few of mom’s dishes–hey, it kept him away from the stove; work with me here. In the process, he decided to adopt this look. You don't need no stinkin hard hat. That's what your head's for.

I think he’s on to something here. We snickered about that all evening. Mostly because I’m not entirely sure my dad completely caught onto it. Hell, it took me a few minutes to clue in–and I was standing right there when he did it. Wonder if dad’s rethinking his career choice yet. Sometimes, living here has its occasional good points. Or, at least, amusing ones.


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