Family happenings are amusing.

The older Aidan gets, the more hilarious thing end up being. He’s starting to develop a bit of a temper, but he’s at least not taking it too seriously yet. He’s shot up a fair bit since I posted pictures last. There are more coming when I get home.

There’s almost always something going on at the family household. mockery and other silly shananigans are the norm; they’ve always been so. Lately they’ve been pretty baby centric. Still, they served their purpose. I’m stuffed, we’re slightly less than sober, and there’s a local derry stop in our immediate future. Can’t go wrong with that.

Things I learned tonight, in non-html list format:
1: Derry Queen may have nifty commercials, but local, small town places own your soul.
2: Never do something like this on the first hot day in three weeks. Unless you have a love affair with lineups. They’ll be huge.
3: Random Jeff Foxworthy quotes while in line? Awesomeness.
4: Everybody knows everybody else. You will learn this whether you want to or not. And you will be reminded while enjoying your evening out, whether you like it or not.
5, related to dinner time shananigans: One should probably not be seen to aspire to be just like your grandson. Particularly your 8-month-old grandson. Explanations to come with the pictures.

Good times were had by all. Now, I go explode.

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