This family just keeps on growing…

Another sign things are starting to pick up, and in an aweful damn hurry at that. My brother’s fiance, who’s actually currently sitting in our kitchen as I write this, is now… well, rather pregnant. She just found out a couple days ago, apparently. Ironicly, this two weeks after they got engaged, more or less, and just about as long after he went off for basic training. It’s amuzing, in a way… they were talking about setting a wedding date, then that happened. And now, surprise–I’m gonna be an uncle at 24. And mom to be has already been warned, ’tis my job to spoil the royal hell outa that kid. 😉 I may not be taken by then, kids may not be on my list of priorities by then, but damn I’m gonna have fun with someone else’s. And if s/he gets too outa hand, well, that’s when ya send ’em back to mom and dad. Let them deal with the little brat while I sit back and just snicker. I’m so gonna be the family member all the parents hate but the kids just love. 😀

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