Gordie Howe is now ‘doctor Howe’. The essay topic lives on.

When I was in highschool, I wrote an essay on those people I considered to be highly influencial Canadians. I don’t even remember exactly what the content of the essay was, and I’m not sure I even still have the original copy. One of the topics in question was hockey awesomeness personified, Gordie Howe. And why not? The man made most players today look like the kind you’d see in a rookie league. More than his share of Stanley cups, MVP nods, and still the model of comparison folks use when describing what could be the next great player in the league. Now, he’s not just the guy they call Mister Hockey–he’s an honorary doctor of law thanks to the university of Saskatchewan. I may not have the original essay, but I still remember the awesome that was doing the research on him. The awesome continues. Congratulations, doctor Hockey. You still rule.

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