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Well now, if that’s not motivation to move to Ottawa…

A guy I haven’t actually talked to in, well, ages, since my time at Algonquin College, just IMed me with a very… tempting offer. One that might almost be worth the hour and a half trip from here to Ottawa once a week. Apparently, he’s managed to hook up with several people I used to go to highschool with, though what the hell they’re doing in Ottawa is anyone’s guess, and they’re getting together some type of recreational goalball league. Which, of course, if I wasn’t an hour and a half away I’d be all over, if only because some of the named players are, at the worst case possible, an excuse to test your reflexes–I’ve played with, and against, most of these people. They hurt. But it’s awesome fun. People who’ve never heard of the sport will probably give me all kinds of strange looks. But that’s what Wikipedia’s for. I even did the work for you. Now someone find me a job so I can move to Ottawa and play.

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