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The Leafs make two huge trades, and I can only shrug.

We saw it coming from a mile away. Especially after losing 6 in a row and very much being at risk of doing worse than North Carolina. These are potentially huge trades that very much change the overall look, at least on the face of it, of the Team. And yet, it’s just another article to appear in my RSS reader.

Away goes half our forward lineup, with Mayers, stajan and Hagman getting airmailed to Calgary. On the up side, we get a defenseman that’s actually capable of doing something with the puck besides throw it away. We lost Ian White in that trade too, but he didn’t do much last night besides give the damn puck away anyway. In return, the unlikely happened. We actually got someone who could possibly be a good match with Caberle–hello, Dion Phaneuf. Could it possibly be that we might actually have something that calls itself a hockey team now? Again, all I can do is shrug.

In related news, Toronto ditches Deadweight Vesa for J.S. giguere and a pencil to be named later. It cost us Blake, too, but oh well. Hopefully we still have someone who we can stick with the thrill, or it’s gonna be painful. Oh, wait. We’re Leafs fans. We’re used to painful.


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