So let me see if I understand this.

In 2008, OC Transpo drivers went on strike, effectively shutting much of the city down, during two of the most demanding months of the year–specificly, November and December. OC Transpo management doesn’t want a repeat of such a thing. So, as an attempt to counter any future strike activity, OC Transpo will risk locking out the unionized drivers and mechanics as a negotiation tactic. Thus, effectively, shutting down much of the city. Someone do explain? Please? The logic behind that just completely and totally escapes me. Either way, the bus system comes to a screaming hault. Either way, folks end up not being able to get to work, do their shopping, or otherwise do the things that need doing. And, drivers and mechanics who’re affected still get strike pay. So what’s this here supposed to prevent, again? Someone wanna maybe straighten that out for me? I think I skipped that class in highschool. And college.


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  1. Well it’s a bad outcome in either case, but at least in the summer the weather is more conducive to walking and/or biking.

    • I agree. But in the summer they don’t get nearly the amount of attention they do in the winter. Particularly for the reasons you just mentioned.

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