My ringtone is now an overplayed song.

I’ve been known to keep a very random, very scattered, and very eclectic collection of music around, both on my local machine and/or various attached hard drives, as well as within my Jango playlist. I like to think my selection of ringtones reflects that. I go from the commonly played to the rarely played usually in a quick breath. A rarely played Matchbox 20 song, “How Far We’ve Come”, has been my primary ringtone since pretty much the first week I got this phone. I think I might have heard it played by someone other than me a grand total of… once in that time. This morning, in the span of about an hour and a half, I got to hear it coming out of my phone 4 or 5 times. Granted they were all either not intended for me or telemarketters, but still. This morning, my ringtone has become an overplayed song. In honour of that transition, have a video of the said song. I’d embed it here, but he or she who is behind the original upload of that video has decided to complicate matters to the point where that’s not happening. So, you get to click instead. And while you do that, I’ll go contemplate changing it.


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