DreamHost, we need to talk. Now.

I get that you’ve yet to actually meet your quota for network failures this year. And, I get that you’re running out of time to do so. But that doesn’t mean you should, while I’m in the middle of doing something to this or any number of sites/features/services I run on the server, decide to randomly and partially crap out so everything but the site/service/feature I’m currently working on stays up. That’s a really really good way to piss a geek off. Now, if you’d like to stay up and actually working for more than 2 weeks, I might not feel so dirty paying you the $19 or so you ask me to pay on a monthly basis. Can we talk about maybe possibly doing that now? Or am I just gonna have to play baseball with a tech support person’s head? I can do that too, if necessary. And if stability doesn’t start becoming a priority here, it might just end up being necessary. I’d hate to have to contemplate moving… I just got things set up the way I like it, mostly. At least until next month.


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