Morons. They walk among us.

And some of them, well okay, a lot of them, occupy cells in a jail near you. But I never really and truely believed people could be quite this brainless. A UK prison, probably like most prisons in Canada/the US, doesn’t allow innmates to have cell phones. So when an innmate was found with one, it was promptly removed from his possession. That cell phone is then used in a training exercise with police dogs, and subsequently destroyed. See, this is where common sense, which had sort of been tagging along up until this point, apparently decides to take a small vacation. The guy is now suing the prison because of it, saying they should have just put the phone in storage until he was released, and then given it back to him. Guess he doesn’t know the definition of contraband? Or does he just think he’s actually smarter than the general population (remember, he’s the one in prison, not them). There’s clueless, but then there’s… wo, clueless. I expect him to lose that lawsuit just on basic principle. Unless they want to be having that exact same conversation about other, potentially less legal contraband items.

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