Turning free speach on its head: rant about anti-piracy laws, go directly to jail.

I suppose I should maybe stop doing this, lest I end up in the cell across the hall, but hey–they make this shit easy. What’s the quickest way to make damn sure you land yourself a 2 year prison sentence for running a website? Vent about the site’s most likely shutdown and your having been charged with copyright infringement. That did it in Alexandria, Verginia, at least–where after posting online about her having been convicted, the former owner of ninjavideo.com found herself with a free place to stay. I’m not even going to get into the hipocricy of a country that will criticize China for putting folks in jail for ranting against their laws turning around and doing the same thing. If it were any other topic of conversation, and someone had taken issue with it, any judge in his right mind would have slapped them down and called it free speech. But because “OMG PIRACY!”, the rules change. Folks, this combined with my post from earlier should more than explain just what lengths of ridiculous the copyright/piracy-minded have to stretch themselves to to make their point–something they still haven’t really managed to get entirely down pat just yet. So now, she’s in jail, piracy’s still illegal, and we’re still no closer to a viable alternative to it. But it’s for the artists, you know. Yeah, those artists.

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