Share a Netflix subscription? Go directly to jail.

The good old Recording Industry Asociation of America (RIAA). Screwing their fellow man since it became profitable to screw their fellow man. In the latest episode, the RIAA has decided you’re infringing on copyright by sharing your subscriptions to services such as Netflix or your favourite music service of the week with family or friends. They’ve introduced a bill in Tennessee–quickly signed by the state’s governor, of course–that would see sharers of such ultra valuable material slapped with jail and/or fines. The article, posted over on Techdirt, rightly points out this is an excellently wonderful way to encourage folks to skip the payment options and go right to yanking the stuff for free–which, for those keeping score at home, is exactly the kind of thing they’ve been spending a large amount of the time since the Napster showdown trying to put a stop to. I launched into a debate over on Toronto Mike’s blog on the issue of stealing versus purchasing. And posted a metric ton of entries over here about it. I have no problem doing the former. Things like this? Yeah, this would be why. Thanks, RIAA. No, really. Thanks. For not much.

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