I will never get used to Bob Cole not broadcasting a Toronto game.

Unfortunately, I have to. Because I don’t think he’ll be coming back any time soon. And he’s currently doing an Ottawa Montreal game… *tries desperately not to puke* leaffan, please tell me you know something I don’t. He’s a fucking awesome play by play guy, but just… not awesome enough to watch an Ottawa game. Or a Montreal one, for that matter. Sigh… I long for the 2003-04 season again…

  1. Bob cole’s workload has been drastically reduced. He is their third string guy, on only when they have multiple games on a given Saturday and Jim Huson (sp?) can’t do them all. I hate it too!

  2. You’re the only two who I’ve heard from that goes against the grain that some years ago, Sens fans are Habs fans were critical of Cole being pro-Leaf. He’s just as good doing any games.
    Yes, his worklad is reduced and is the 3rd-string quaterback behind Mark Lee (who does late games), and Jim Hughson who’s the lead guy now. But, as long as he’s ahead of Dean Brown for the Sens, even if it’s a CBC telecast, he’ll have poms-poms cheering the Sens on, even if they’re against another Canadian team.

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