Good gawd, I’ve become one of *those* people.

There is currently a suitcase sitting next to my apartment door for a weekend trip. A weekend trip I don’t plan on taking until tomorrow after work. … Since when in the hell did I start putting crap together like that quite so far in advance? Actual effort put into preparation. From me. Who knew? Somebody stop me.

  1. let me guess, you’re going to visit some hot chick?
    Or hot dude, whaaaaaaaatever floats your boat, and you need to make sure everything is just right…
    heh heh


    1. Sadly, that kinda trip would require some advanced planning. But not outside the realm of possibility! And you can keep the doods.

  2. Your entries are really entertaining. I love your style of writing.

    1. My work here is done.

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