Death of an air conditioner.

Okay, so it wasn’t really doing all that much before it uncerimoniously decided to kick the bucket. Oh well. Murlynns_view, her husband, and I spent a couple hours when we got back from Pembroke last week setting it up. We had it running for a bit on Tuesday, after we finished getting it in place and discovered that the lid to the internal water tank needed to be positioned just so (and, for the record, exactly not the way the instructions say to position it) for the AC to even turn on. If positioned *properly*, it slides in uber extremely easily. And out the same way. Except the AC behaves like it’s not there. So we fought with it for a bit on tuesday, we got it to run supervised (I had to practically babysit it for the evening so it didn’t turn my kitchen floor into a small lake) that night by positioning the lid in a way that it had no choice but to actually keep the AC unit turned on. Of course, this meant that supposed beneficial feature of the AC unit being able to turn off automaticly to prevent flooding was pretty much negated. It also meant that the tank was a uberbitch to get in, and out again to empty it (fortunately it wasn’t full when I turned it off that night). And of course, putting it in the exact same way afterwards did absolutely nothing to get the thing to come back on. Royal pain in my ass, that is. So we again fought with it for an hour or so yesterday, and between the 3 of us decided the thing was designed to be a piece of crap. So when next I meet up with someone with a set of wheels, the thing’s going back to the nearest Canadian Tire, and I’m force feeding the first person to tell me there’s nothing wrong with it my extended warranty. So Now I’m back in pre-AC mode. Which means those stupid little restrictor things my oh so caring landlord put in the windows so they don’t open more than maybe 5-6 inches are coming out, and those things are open as wide as they go. As for my landlord? He can either put an AC in these apartments or stand in one spot for a couple minutes while I take those restrictor plates and break them over his head. Since he probably won’t be too inclined to do that, I look forward to getting a letter saying he’ll put AC in these apartments. Though he may not be quite so inclined to do that, either. Cheap bastard.


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  1. Lame. :/

    At least the weather hasn’t been too bad for the last week! It would have been way worse for you with a broken A/C if we were still sitting in a heat-wave.

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