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On religion, opinion, immaturity, all that good stuff.

A rarity, but this was actually prompted by a, let’s call it a discussion, that took place on a friend’s LJ in relation to something she posted at about half past dark this morning. I’d link to the actual entry but it’s protected and all of like 1 or 2 of you would be able to see it. It cast a rather amusing light on the theory of Jesus Christ, and all that. And suffice it to say, while it wasn’t aimed at being insulting or anything to any particular person or religion, but rather for exactly what it was–a little half-awake amusement at insanely early in the morning, someone decided to take special exception to it and went off on a tangent about how the poster must not understand her religion and has taken escentially to attacking it. They were called out for it, and told basicly they were imagining it (for the record, everyone else pretty much thought it was fucking hillarious), and the commenter proceeded to demand that she justify her supposed belief about that particular religion. It was said, yet again, that there was no attacking anyone’s religion, beliefs, or whatever in that entry, at which point she pretty much just got pissy and decided the role of teenaged drama queen suited her better than that of, well, an inteligent human being. So because I do have a religious person or two hanging around my flist, I thought I’d just kinda put the question out there. Should an entry like this *really* be taken to such an extreme as to declare a proverbial holy war on anyone who doesn’t necessarily agree with your particular religious beliefs? The entry in question, with the original poster’s permission, gets stuck here for context.

The majority of people in this country (INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT) actually believe that a mythical anthropomorphic, self paranoid “Bible-God” raped/impregnated a child virgin in order to give birth to himself in order to be sacrificed to himself in order to sit beside himself in order to save the world from himself as some kind of sadistic experiment in psychopathic, self replicating, redemption by filling the heads of precious innocent impressionable children with disturbing stories of hell and damnation and devils and eternal suffering.

Now tell me in some way there isn’t just a little amusement in this particular entry. You may need to read it a couple times to catch on.

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7 responses to “On religion, opinion, immaturity, all that good stuff.”

  1. O.o

    First of all, you are totally my hero. I’ve been following the comments and you rock like an old VW buss.

    The reaction you got doesn’t surprise me.
    Let’s just say I’ve been there, done that, have the t-shirt and my flist shrank by a member last November or October for this exact same reason.

    I have a very firm opinion about these sorts of things. It’s pretty straight forward and it applies across the board.

    Your journal, you write what you want. People don’t like it, they skip it or un friend you or filter your entries to read at a later date. You are not responsible for other people’s emotions/reactions. I don’t see blogging as a two way street. I write, people read but in no way do I considder the emotions of everyone on my flist before I blog. If I wanted to make sure nobody was offended and that everyone was happym, I’d write a fucking business letter. My blog is like my house. If you come in and start bitching that it isn’t to your tastes and that I should have more considderation for others then you’ll find yourself on the other side of the door with my foot in your ass.
    (using the word “you” in a general way of course).

    I have had christians on my flist who used to write about how everyone else was going to hell etc. etc. they have been removed because that shit offends me. I didn’t feel the need to manufacture teh dramaz over it, I just did it.

    Some people take unwholesome delight in teh dramaz.

    So to make a short comment long; go you and go Nef!

    • My blog is like my house. If you come in and start bitching that it isn’t to your tastes and that I should have more considderation for others then you’ll
      find yourself on the other side of the door with my foot in your ass.

      I like that annalogy1

  2. *snorts with laughter* That was freaking hilarious. Apparently the person who took offense doesn’t understand the fine art of tongue-in-cheek humor.

  3. I personally think that it’s really important not to attack people for their religious beliefs or lack thereof, whatever the case may be. We’re all people after all, and that’s what really matters.

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