Never let it be said I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I took an English class in highschool run by a teacher who happened also to be a psychologist. I think she might have been the school counsellor too; I dunno, it was forever ago. Clefurgey? Help? So you tended to pick up a little thing or two along the way whether you were interested in it or not. Still, I’ll freely admit I have absolutely no clue about the subject on the whole. That said, I just escentially drowned someone in potential research material for a paper they’re doing. The absolute last thing you can tell me is you can’t find anything useful to write a paper on. I’ve pulled enough of them out of nowhere on the night before they were due you give me an hour and I’ll do everything but write the thing for you. I are teh awesome.

  1. which english teacher, dear. The one we both had, at least I think you did? was psyco, and needed counseling.
    goddamn, we should’ve hung out more. or something. sigh, I miss it, y’know?

    1. Mrs. Canton or something, I think. You may have had her for something else… I had her for grade 12 English.

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