Happily ever after? Not quite.

Okay, not really at all. Um, in a word, oops. Note to husbands to be everywhere: when contemplating marriage, be extra certain the girl you’re marrying cannot, in fact, kick your ass while drunk. Or better yet, run in the exact opposite direction from anything that involves the words “I do”.

5 responses to “Happily ever after? Not quite.

  1. momallrat says:

    Okay, my husband and I fight but holy crap! Why did those two ever get married in the first place.

  2. lmao now I have an image of a girl shrieking and running away and a guy stuck on his knees in the mud holding a ring box.

    • James says:

      Haha. Yeah, except neither was running anywhere. Unless you count to jail…

      • I actually missed the fact you were referencing a link. I just read this post and was like “um. Is he having girl issues? I didn’t even know he was engaged… well, I guess he’s not…” then I clicked to post a comment, saw your title and how it’s all “my life is drama free” and thought to myself, “well, not right now…”

        And then I realized you were talking about a link and laughed. And was relieved for your emotional well being.

        Also loved the voicepost transcription. I died.

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