That’s one sky high divorce.

Rebecca Gibbs didn’t just want her marriage to be over. Oh no sir, she’s decided to take the out of sight, out of mind approach. Or is that, out of atmosphere, out of mind. The relationship having already taken off at about warp 7, she decided her wedding ring should follow it. and follow it it did–straight into orbit. she says it was a symbol to her ex-husband that the marriage really was over. She also says doing that was kind of liberating for her, though I kind of have my doubts re: that one. See, if I’d just spent that presumedly gigantic wad of cash to launch a relic of my last relationship into orbit, I’m not sure liberated is quite how I’d describe me. My wallet, maybe. Although, if I had the kind of money that would allow me to drop a wad of cash on having that much fun with a relic of my last relationship, and I actually considered doing that, I honestly don’t think I’d get around to caring about the size of that wad. Or maybe that’s what she found liberating? Hey, who’s to know?

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