In case I’ve not said it yet, I have no interest in being a hardware tech.

So how I’m managing to stay awake during this training is completely and utterly beyond me. But apparently, I am. Looky that. The sooner this training’s over (5:00 can’t come soon enough!), the better.


I had links for posting and ranting about. In a fit of absolute moronicness, I have apparently closed the windows. Go me.


411. Freaking. Centimeters. Of. Snow. Ohmygodwhatthefuck. 51 centimeters in 48 hours. And clefurgey, for your americanized brain’s processing consumption, that works out to roughly 2 feet in that particular time span. Brutal. Snowbanks are half my size and I ain’t short. Double brutal. Somebody hates me.


Do either brucetola or tazcat want to tell me why in the hell it costs 400000000 dollars to throw a bunch of beatles songs on ITunes? There are immortal and practically legendary bands in the *current* music industry who don’t charge half that. Oh wait, it’s only Paul. He’s been senile forever. Never mind.


We’re supposedly going over Windows Media Center, and the whole shpeel about TV tuner cards. Me personally? I’m trying to stay awake. Somebody amuse me.

  1. you got two feet of snow in two days? holy fuck.
    What’s the 411 cm thing, is that how much you’ve gotten all winter so far? if so, neeeeener!

    1. It is. And you suck. 😛

  2. Hey now, nothing wrong with having an American brain. SMILE! It’s not my fault I was born on the wrong side of the border after all. I’m working on it!! Get me a job and I’m so there. Oh yeah, and it has to be in Winnipeg. I won’t settle for anything less. SMILE!

    As for ITunes, I don’t have anything to do with them. I’d rather get my music from … um .. other sources.

    1. Me too, dear. And talk to the other blind dood about that one.

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