So there’s this idiot brother…

I thought I could avoid it. I thought after he got pissed off with her and cancelled the wedding, that’d be it. Then they got back together, but swore they weren’t going to try to get married again–always room, then, to call it quits before one of them winds up in jail for murder. So the bomb shell that got dropped a couple days ago just now means this family’s screwed. He and my once again future bitch-in-law are, after all, getting married. And I can only say this time, I’m not taking the time off work for it–I can’t. I took my last bit of vacation time for their first attempt. They’re not coming back to Pembroke for it, it looks like. Which… actually suits me just fine, really. Less of a chance I can attend, then. I saw her all of twice, maybe 3 times since the wedding that never happened. And my opinion of her hasn’t changed all that much–she’s still an immature bitch. Marrying her will probably cut his life in half faster than any millitary asignment overseas, but… heh, I could never accuse him of being all that bright. A little backwards, maybe–he’s from Pembroke, it’s expected. Ah well, this this much milage between us and both of us working the hours we are, at least I don’t have to talk to his again fiance and again soon-to-be bride/bitch. Hm, on the other hand, I don’t really feel sorry for the guy, either–he brought this one on himself. Twice. I still hope they never have kids.
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  1. Well, if you really absolutely must know… she should be shot. Quite possibly twice.
    Y’know, I didn’t even know you still read this thing. Or was that a coincidence?

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