Slept through this one, too. Can you tell?

My brilliant plan was to come home, flake out for about half an hour, then order pizza and watch the game. What did I end up doing? Coming home, flaking out for half an hour, getting up at midnight, missing a 3 nothing win, and not ordering pizza. Gotta love it when things work out. Well, on the bright side, it *is* getting a little easier to actually go to work for the shift I’m on now after spending the last… oh… damn near a year on overnights. Apparently I missed a good one, too–the scoring didn’t start until the end of the second period, and it was all toronto. Figures. Note to self: tonight, watch the damn game. Which they’ll probably lose, because I intend to watch it if it kills me. Although I may pass out in the process. Oh well!


Appatently, I get to watch tonight’s game after all, thanks to the fact I can grab a couple hours’ cat nap should I decide to later. Thank you, OC Transpo–rant to come on that one when it stops irritating the royal hell out of me.

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