Could the Leafs be looking at a whole new lineup next year?

It really couldn’t hurt. While earlier today I did refer to them rather directly as a steaming pile, there are a few faces I’d love to see stick with the team while the rest of it gets blown to hell. Immediately coming to mind is Sundin, but only because at least as it stands now, he’s the best performer this team’s got. Who would I most like to see get blown off the roster? Mister good for nothing Ferguson, for starters. Further proof he was a ridiculous choice for GM–he goes out and builds himself a crap team, then tries to fire Paul Maurice because the players he picked are stinking up the place. Sorry Ferg, but… I wouldn’t of picked Raycroft or Toskala either. Toronto will officially be known as the place where old fogies go to retire if JFJ has his way. MLSE, do us all a favour please and fire that man. Fire that man now. Before he really gives me a reason to abandon the team I grew up watching.

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