At least we didn’t suck.

Usually when we lose, even if it’s just by a goal, it’s due to the fact we completely and totally came apart for pretty much the entire game. Last night, at least, we were able to keep it relatively together–well, except for about a 42 second stretch wherein both goals were scored. Okay, I admit it–I watched that game, in spite of Mike telling me not to, seeing as he was going to be there. That’s what I get for pointing out my theory on the corelation between Leafs losses and my having paid attention to any particular aspect of the game. Still, it can’t be too bad… I mean, it wasn’t 7 1, unlike certain other games I made the unfortunate mistake of sitting partway through. Personally, I’ll take a loss in a shootout, if only because it still means we walked away with 3 out of a possible 4 points. And… c’mon, it’s the Leafs. I love the team and all, but they’ve only one back to back games once this year. and never a shootout. At least, never a shootout with Toskala in net. Which begs the question, and it’s a question I can’t be the only one asking… would the score be any different with Raycroft in net? And, can we find out next time?

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