If the intent is to keep something quiet, perhaps you shouldn’t scream about it on camera?

Ah, Paris. If only you had a clue. But no, you seem to be having difficulty with locating your common sense. Only real explanation, isn’t it, for pretty much acting about 13 and throwing one hell of a hissy fit over walking into a porno store and seeing posters of that stupid sex tape of hers on the wall. Now, personally, I was never a Paris Hilton fan–I rather thought she was a stupid tramp. Now, though, after pretty much taking notice that she’s proven the number 1 rule about keeping things quiet correct, I’ve reached the conclusion that she’s an immature, stupid tramp. An immature, stupid tramp who has just taken the Streisand effect to a whole new, real life level. You can look at Wikipedia for the definition, or check out Techdirt’s website. One of its authors initially came up with that particular phrase referring to most moronic attempts to keep something shushed on the internet, only to have it wind up on about 50 billion places on the internet. Paris, my dear, you have made that list. Shall we define the real life version of the same to the Hilton effect?

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