The things you learn when you don’t feel like sleeping.

Things like… 5:00 in the morning is the perfect time if you plan to take a walk in Ottawa. The only thing I could hear this morning besides the sound of my own breathing and the birds was… well… more birds. And the occasional car. But nothing like what it’ll be at around about midday. Or what it’s starting to be right now. Granted, it was only maybe 15 minutes each way, but still. Unless you’re walking down Baseline, which on a good day is still insane, it’s just… damn peaceful. If there was a park or something along the route I was walking, I could probably kill half the morning there. That is, if I didn’t already have plans. But… can of coke gone, blogs hopped, I now go sleep. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do it again this afternoon. Or… maybe I’ll get some cleaning done. Or maybe I won’t. We shall see.

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