So um… where’s the problem?

Aboriginal bands have taken up arms against the almighty coffee chain for an admitedly stupid prank/joke thing pulled by one of its staff in an Alberta restaurant. Namely, taping a sign to the drive through window that said “No drunken indians allowed.”. Now, being part indian, and a *huge* fan of the place–they make damn good coffee and it’s on the way to wherever–I just have to ask… what’s the problem? Have you *seen* my family? I’d tape that sign up too–and mean it. 😉 Throw coffee at certain family members and they’re strung like nothing else. Mix alcohol? I’d be leaving the room. Really, really quickly. As in, cancel the vacation in Hawaii. I want my sanity back. But… hey, at least we admit we’re on some kind of natural crack. Who needs the peace pipe? 🙂

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