Things I can do.

I’d blame Pixie for this outright, butI probably owe her for apparently forcing her to do this some time ago. Which reminds me–remember when I said your turn’s coming, Stacie? 😛 And without further delay…
Things I can do, a list by me:
Play piano and
Attempt to play guitar and
Sing fairly decently and
Be a sounding board for just about anyone and
Not actually strangle the stupid people that interfere with my life and
Make potentially life-altering and long-term decisions and not get oerly stressed about it and
Find a song for just about any mood/situation and
Write a song for most occasions and
Tell a lot about a person before they say a thing and
Do all of this while the overall pace of my life seems to pick up two-fold…
Not much to the list, but my brain is currently not functional enough to think anymore. All are encouraged to toss this up on their own blogs if they have one, or leave it in a comment. Or even both!

3 responses to “Things I can do.

  1. Stacie says:

    What?! Oi…Ok, well, Um…give me time to think….
    Good list, by the way!

  2. Cheryl says:

    1. you sing more than fairly decently.
    2. when the hell did you become a songwriter?
    3. when do I get new contact info, sir. unless you want me to stop annoying the shit out of you, which is always possible.

  3. James says:

    1. You’re biased.
    2. Neither did I until I improvized.
    3. I’ll call you tomorrow and get you new informations. Don’t ask me when, because I have no clue. Um… I should find your number first.

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