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The next time I decide to eat that much, shoot me.

We went out for dinner tonight, to sorta cellebrate my Dad’s birthday and the fact my brother will, in 2 days, be starting his basic training (yay!). And, from about the time the meal was finished to, like… now, I swear if I had anything more to eat I’d explode. Of course, that didn’t stop certain individuals from trying to feed me more (I’m looking at you, mom). It’s amusing, in a way, though. I think everyone who was there ended up not finishing what they ordered. So for about 10-15 minutes, we were all taking turns passing what was left from one person to the next. Not that it was accomplishing anything. And then, of course, they just had to go bring out the birthday cake. Did I mention by this point at least one of us was borderline exploding? So now, my dad is officially 44, and I am officially 5 pounds heavier. Oh, and, I can guarantee no one in this house will look to snack or anything ’til breakfast. Sunday.


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