So I lied. Sue me.

On the bright side, though, those of you who actually thought I’d be offline for upwards are a month will be pleased–or, perhaps, not–to know it’ll only be a week or less. So, yay small fortunes! Or… something. I went into Ottawa yesterday, as I threatened to, and finally got to the signing of the lease. Of course, then we didn’t stop there, so spent an hour or two in the afternoon doing a little browsing. Hey, I hate shopping as much as the next person, but I needed furniture. Still do, in fact. So shush already. And somewhere in the insanity that is productiveness, I set up my cable instalation and whatnot, so I *will* have TV the night I move in. Which means I will absolutely not be missing Saturday’s hockey game. Unless the bastards put a Senators game on instead, at which point someone will be cursed out to no end. I meant to write this entry last night, but by the time I got home, got everything sorted out, and all that, I was about ready to pass out. So, I kinda half-assed my way through the last entry, shot the shit with a couple people over IM, and then promptly passed out. And now, I go make, find, or invent food. Then finish setting things up for the move. Yay not having a shortage of things to do.


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