Sometimes, you just have to do it to know it’s a bad idea.

I should complain about there being nothing particularly blog worthy coming from the morons in newsland more often. People go and pull crap like this then. I dunno. Maybe I’m just uber odd for thinking it, but tongue piercing just begs for all kinds of problems. Why people even bother doing it is really and truely beyond me. Why people bother doing it then think it’ll be found sexy is just out of the realm of any possible comprehension. That’s a real good way to turn me off, anyway. But, lack of sexyness and outright stupidity aside, I’ll bet the real problem behind it doesn’t even register with half these people. It can kill you. Or at least make things supremely awkward for you. I dunno. I always thought tongue rings were just a complete waste of your money, and I didn’t even have to get one. Does that make me an exception?

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