Good idea: getting to probation on time. Bad idea: breaking your probation to do so.

And here we have one of my reasons for creating, and then recreating, this blog. And just on a day when I didn’t think I’d have much newsworthy to snort over.

Out in Alberta, we have a teenager with some pretty no-nonsense conditions on his staying out of jail. Like, say, being on his best behaviour and keeping the pease. Pretty standard stuff, you’d think. But it didn’t occur to this appropriately slapped teenager that maybe he should consider how he gets to his appointment with his probation officer a little tiny bit more carefully next time. He ends up doing something–probably lazing around the house–that lands him dangerously close to the wrong side of being late for his appointment. No biggy, you say–he just calls his officer and lets him know he’s gonna be 5 minutes late, right?

Stop making sense, right now. We don’t mock people who do that on here. Rather than picking up the phone, he decides instead to pick up a bike and cruise on over to the police station in style. Not a bad idea, if the bike didn’t first have to be picked up from someone else’s property. Now he’s made it to the police station on time and doesn’t have to worry about going to jail for not being late. Instead, he’s on his way to jail for breaching the conditions of that probation anyway. How’s that working out, I wonder? Oh well, at least he can say he wasn’t late, right?

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