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Careful who you whisper to about China’s sweatshops.

You may end up sued for everything you’re worth and then some. Apparently, in response to claims that an iPod factory forces employees to work in substandard conditions, the company that owns that factory is now suing the reporters who wrote the story for 500 times the average wage for a reporter, and has requested and got the reporters’ accounts frozen. Brilliant. So now, rather than it all going away, people are gonna wonder just what they’re hiding. Not that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out.. they’re hiding exactly what they’re suing the reporters for. Publicising what anyone who doesn’t live under a rock already knows. Obviously someone didn’t fill these folks in that by throwing a tantrum about it they’re just drawing more attention to it. Or maybe whoever the hell does their legal work just doesn’t have a clue. Anyone wanna speculate?

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