Ah, the randomness.

Though not entirely unplanned, it was still fun. By ‘it’, I do mean spending a good 2 hours taking a walk by the waterfront and doing absolutely nothing. Nothing that didn’t involve coffee, anyway. Sometimes, I’m very thankful for places like Tim Horton’s. It’s kinda sad, in a… “thank the gods” kinda way, that is… when that’s the most productive thing I’ve done all day, but eh, until certain individuals who deserve no mention on here save to be proverbially poked in the eye actually call me back about certain job opportunities, both in the making and coming up, this is all the productive I want to be doing today.
I have officially decided the firing off of job applications is getting me nowhere, so it’s now time for plan B: narrow my options and kick down doors. I’ve got a few things lined up, one of which has been referenced here a few times already and others will be when something significant actually comes of them, so now I think if I can concentrate on those things for now, I’ll… *probably*… at the very least get my foot in the door. And, at the absolute worst case, someone’ll slam said foot in said door. But eh… that’s what high pain tolerence is for! And now, with that thought in mind and on paper (uh, relatively speaking?), I now go remind my aunt I want to borrow her Constantine DVD before she goes ‘n forgets on me. So, because I’m lazy, unmotivated and uncreative, I shall steal one of Buttercup’s famed lines–goodnight, keedz!


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